Winners announced for 2021 Alzheimer’s Disease Research Grant

Developing a Behavioural Biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis

Research team: Drs. Manu Madhav and Thalia Field

Project description: This research team is looking to determine navigational deficits associated with Alzheimer’s disease, an early marker of the disease. Human and animal models will take part in a physical maze that will become increasingly complex. The researchers will determine when study participants’ navigation capabilities become impaired, which would be the threshold at which brain dysfunction is evident. The end goal is to offer a diagnostic tool that can reliably detect the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Research2Reality – Mapping Out the Most Complex Terrain: The Mind

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Dr. Manu Madhav Named Canada Research Chair in Neural Circuits of Cognition and Control 

The Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program is an investment in Canada’s future. By fostering the necessary innovation to tackle national and international challenges, we assure that our universities have the necessary equipment and provisions to be career destinations for the best researchers of our time. Canada Research Chairs are renowned as some of the world’s brightest scholars and scientists, and receiving this nomination is a high honour. As of today, Dr. Madhav joins 188 highly valued researches across 43 Canadian institutions in this prestigious accomplishment.  

As an engineer and roboticist turned neuroscientist, Dr. Madhav presents a unique approach to understanding the underlying biological and computational systems of the brain. We plan to use novel experimental methods to collect data that will answer complex questions regarding how navigation is computer in the brain. This is an exciting time, as we plan to use principles of basic science paired with powerful engineering techniques to recontextualize a wide array of topics – from how we understand spatial navigation, to the development and progression of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.  

Dr. Madhav would like to thank the Canadian Foundation for Innovation for this opportunity, as well as the staff and faculty at UBC for their continued support.  

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CFI supports Canada Research Chairs with $9.5 million in infrastructure funding 

Government of Canada supports research excellence through new and renewed Canada Research Chairs  

“Dr. Madhav’s CRC is a recognition of just how broad and impactful the SBME’s research mandate can be…” 

 – Peter Zandstra, SBME Director 

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